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How Will 5G Internet Technology Revolutionize Modern Business?

- 5G technology is in the process of being rolled out worldwide

- Next generation mobile telecom networks, promise to make 1GBps speeds the new norm among mobile device users

- 5G wireless technology proponents say that 5G networks will form the backbone of the long-awaited Internet of things.

5G Technology is Here

The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and governments worldwide, are racing to accelerate deployment of fifth generation telecommunication networks. However, 5G technology promises to herald in more than just a new era of high-speed mobile downloads.

What is 5G?

5G wireless technology represents an ecosystem of new telecommunications technologies. In urban areas, small cells broadcasting targeted millimeter waves will be used to guarantee ubiquitous network coverage. However, as well as universal network coverage, new 5G cellular infrastructure promises to deliver wireless download speeds of up to 10GBps.

5G Isn’t Just for Smartphone Users

Unlike former telecommunication standards like 3G, 5G wireless technology won’t just connect devices like smartphones to the Internet. As well as these, 5G technology will also be capable of connecting smart appliances, vehicles, and even smart versions of everyday objects to the Internet.

5G Business Benefits & Applications

The potential for 5G to revolutionize the business world shouldn’t be underestimated. From a voice-based telecommunication perspective, 5G will eliminate dropped calls, latency issues, and poor audio quality. However, increased data bandwidths also has the potential to make VR conference calls and holographic video calling a reality.

Of course, people familiar with 5G, rarely dwell on call quality improvements. Instead, many envisage a world where everything from self-driving cars to cashierless shopping centers are commonplace. This is because 5G technology will finally allow machines to communicate more effectively.

Industry 4.0 & a New Era of Smart Technology

In a 5G world, ubiquitous network coverage will mean that members of the public can be billed for groceries as they shop. New location targeting capabilities, also promise to revolutionize modern marketing and advertising. Namely, by serving personalized ads and promotions to 5G device users in specific locations.

As well as cashierless shopping experiences, 5G technology will likely also be used with blockchain technology, to track products and inventory through every step of global supply chains. Moreover, similar technologies promise to be of benefit to industries as varied as healthcare, agriculture, and construction.

Media & Entertainment

5G will likely result in the rapid advancement of IoT technologies, in a way which currently can’t be conceptualized. However, some ways 5G might disrupt how people consume media can be envisaged.

From virtual reality to the demise of the record store in favor of 24/7 streaming, 5G will revolutionize how people create, consume, and interact with media daily.

How Long Will it Be Until 5G Technology is With Us?

At present, most of Asia and most Western countries plan to have 5G wireless networks operational by the end of 2020. Naturally, it will likely take a little longer to see the first driverless Uber cabs on the street. However, such sights do promise to become more commonplace over the course of the next 3-5 years.

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