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6 Ways How Outsourcing QA Aids Software Testing

Quality assurance is one of the most critical components in any software development lifecycle. Cut corners during software testing, and critical bugs can go unnoticed. The only question is, should developers test software themselves? Or is outsourcing QA a more effective way to identify flaws in new software?

In this article, we’ll look at six reasons why outsourcing QA is the preferred option for many developers.

Later, we’ll also look at how outsourcing QA works when continuous integrations (CI) see developers regularly integrate new code into shared repositories.

Outsourcing QA vs In-House Software Testing

Should developers test their own code? As it stands, many developers do. However, testing is also seen by many as repetitive, and time-consuming.

There are of, course, developers who take pride in thoroughly testing their code. However, even the best developers can struggle to see applications from the perspective of their intended end-users. This being the case, missing features and critical flaws in software can go undetected.

Outsourcing QA Ensures That Quality Products Reach Consumers

The benefits of outsourcing QA are simple. First and foremost, software testers can look at code with a fresh pair of eyes. Often, this alone is enough to spot major flaws that developers themselves might miss. However, outsourcing QA is about more than just checking for coding oversights.

Outsourcing Software Testing Reduces Rates of Poor-Quality Deliveries

In 2018, research by CISQ found that each year, poor quality software deliveries, cost businesses in the U.S. $2.8 trillion.

As it stands, end businesses are hardest financially when delivered software doesn’t meet expectations. However, developers and software vendors can also incur significant losses, as a result of clients seeking compensation and/or them voicing complaints publicly.

Outsourcing QA Improves Software Security

As a rule, no software engineer likes to admit that they aren’t perfect. However, according to Steve McConnell, author of the book, Code Complete, even the most skilled developers include an average of 15 - 50 errors in every thousand lines of code they write.

Thankfully, outsourcing QA allows skilled testing teams to meticulously comb through code in search of oversights. More importantly, third-party software testers are usually more security-aware than developers. As a result, outsourcing QA can ensure that software meets minimum security standards expected by businesses in specific industries like healthcare and finance.

Outsourcing Software Testing Saves Time

When developing software, it is imperative to allocate time for quality assurance testing. Not doing so or underestimating how long testing might take, can lead to missed deadlines and overshot budgets.

Thankfully, by outsourcing QA, developers can ensure that software is always delivered on time. This is thanks to the fact that testing teams can devote more time and resources to testing, leaving developers free to focus on bug fixes and other software projects.

Offshoring QA is More Cost-Effective Than Developers Realize

During software development, some software vendors skip testing completely. Often, this is because they can’t justify the expense of hiring in-house testing teams when there might not always be active projects for teams to work on. Thankfully, outsourcing QA solves this problem.

In software development hubs like India and Romania, software testing teams can work remotely on projects for a fraction of the cost of hiring testers locally. By using online collaboration tools like Slack,

it is also possible to establish remote working relationships with software testers, that are just as fluid and dynamic as in-house working relationships.

Outsourcing QA Aids Agile Development and Continuous Integrations

Can outsourcing QA aid Agile development? The simple answer is yes!

During Agile development, software testers can continuously check and test software after each individual software sprint. Like when continuous integrations see new code added to shared repositories each day, all developers need to do is share repositories and testing packages with outsourced software testing teams.

Why Offshoring QA Makes Sense

Are you a developer who wants so release new code with absolute confidence? If so, outsourcing QA can help you deliver projects on time and on budget, without you having to invest in expensive in-house testing.

Start simplifying and streamlining your testing processes. Find out more now by reaching out to one of our own teams of professional software testers today.

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