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Software Consulting - Why you should hire Us


Software consulting companies bridge knowledge gaps which exist between software developers and businesses in need of bespoke software.


Your business needs a new bespoke software application. However, all you have at present is a new app concept. It might not even be possible to create an application which meets your full requirements. This is why the next step is to hire a reputable software consultant.


What Do Software Consulting Companies Do?


A software consulting company isn’t necessarily the same as a software development company. Often, consultancy companies will advise on and develop new applications. However, software consultancy and software development are also two very different disciplines.


First and foremost, software development companies give businesses independent advice.


Software consulting companies:


  • Advise on what bespoke application features are possible and which aren’t.

  • Find solutions and compromises when certain software goals are not achievable.

  • Project the development cost of new software applications.

  • Advise on software and physical IT system implementations which can improve operational efficiency and ROI.


In many cases, software consultant companies will offer in-house development of new software applications. However, the benefit of working with a reputable consultant agency rests with the fact that businesses take away clear and realistically achievable expectations before development takes place.


What Qualities Define The Best Software Consultants?


Surveys of software developers show that software development failures (where clients aren’t happy with a delivered product) occur for three main reasons.


  • End clients have unrealistic expectations.

  • Clients have unclear goals and often communicate goals poorly.

  • Often, end clients don’t attempt to understand the methodology used to create and implement new software applications.


A good software consultant attempts to address the above concerns. To do this, consultants will often attempt to understand your business architecture, processes, and current IT capabilities.


How to Choose a Capable Software Consultant


Software consultants each follow slightly different operating practices. Some will also specialize in specific areas. However, the best software development companies will often follow a similar basic working process.


IT Infrastructure & Business Discovery


If you want a piece of bespoke software creating, you likely want an app to perform specific functions designed to streamline existing business processes. However, you might not have the physical IT infrastructure necessary to make this possible. It might also be possible that alternative software solutions already exist, which can be made use of instead.


During discovery, software consultants will strive to learn as much about your business as possible. This will help consultants match problems with relevant solutions.


Project Analysis and Solutions


After discovering as much as possible about a business, a software consultant will start digging to find the best (and most practical) software solutions.


During analysis, consultants will make preliminary price forecasts concerning the development of new software. They will also ensure that information related to clients is easy to understand and always actionable.

The Recommendation Phase 


After discovery and analysis, software consulting companies will make a final software development recommendation. They will outline the best development path to take going forward. They may also recommend broader upgrading of existing IT infrastructure.


As a rule, businesses should never work with consultants who don’t follow a clear step by step discovery, analysis and recommendation phase. It is also advisable to work with consultants who can assist with the development of bespoke software. Doing so can eliminate communication problems with developers, as well as reduce development costs and product turnaround times. 

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