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How can I Get a Job as a Software Developer in 2019?

Earlier this year, the phrase “learn to code” took Twitter by storm. Syndicated in response to the layoff of over a thousand left-leaning journalists, the meme was a controversial one. However, it also had a certain ring of sincerity to it. Software development is one of 2019’s most lucrative career options. The only question is, how do you get started?

You Really Will Need to Learn to Code

Unlike in other professions, it is not obligatory to have a degree to land a software development job. Vitalik Buterin, the creator of the second most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, is one of thousands of coders who find mainstream higher education limiting. However, to land paid software development employment, it is necessary to have real talent in hand.

l To be a developer, you will need to learn how to use the same mainstream tools other developers use

l The best developers can capably work with several different programming languages

l Both university qualified, and self-taught software developers will need to have a portfolio of work which they can show prospective employers.

How to Find Paid Software Development Employment

Most software developers start their career as junior developers. This is important, as many junior developers will only be proficient in one or two programming languages. As a result, it is possible to start building development portfolios and work experience, without becoming a fully fledged developer.

By and large, junior developers lay the foundations of their careers by freelancing on sites like UpWork and Fiverr. However, as junior developers build out their skill base, it often becomes possible to pick up work with more prominent software brands.

Getting Hired

After working successfully on a freelance basis, most developers start scouting for more meaningful opportunities. When doing so, though, it is important to have a career action plan.

l Aspiring software developers should target ‘dream’ software brands to work with

l After targeting brands like Google, etc. developers should research what skills are most in demand in a given market sector

l When developers know what skills future employers are looking for, they should invest in these and when they feel competent, start submitting applications of interest.

Focus on Your Portfolio

For the most part, finding a job as a junior developer is easy. New start-ups are always in need of new developers and fresh insights. However, to progress beyond just being a junior developer, it is imperative to start building a portfolio of work which demonstrates your competency in certain areas. Don’t just showcase flashy web pages, though.

In the software development industry, many established developers hire their replacements. Many online start-up CEOs are also self-taught developers who have built their platforms from scratch. In this case, focus on creating an honest, rather than a glitzy portfolio, which showcases what you can do under, as well as above the hood.

Software Development Job Portals

At present, several well-trusted software development job portals exist online. Among the most reputable are Mashable, Stack Overflow, Crunchboard, and Dice. Several blockchain-specific start-ups also advertise regularly on more niche platforms like Crypojobslist.

In every case, new software developers should apply for roles which they feel capable of fulfilling. When rejected, developers should then start rinsing and repeating the same strategy over. Educate yourself, freelance, build your portfolio, and always stay on the lookout for new opportunities.

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