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AI in Recruitment - Intriguing Use Cases of AI in Human Resources

Updated: Oct 8, 2019

Artificial intelligence is evolving. AI is also evolving faster than you might think. As of 2019, AI systems already exist which boost the efficiency of human HR management processes. This means that we are at a point where being hired or fired by a non-human intelligence is a real possibility. The only question is, what are the benefits of AI in recruitment?

What are the Benefits of AI in Recruitment?

Would you be happy to attend an interview with a chatbot? The idea sounds preposterous. However, you might have already applied for a job and been pre-screened by an AI without realizing.

Typically, HR managers have a lot of time-intensive responsibilities. Pre-selecting job applicants for interview is just one of these. This is why several companies already use artificial intelligence equipped chatbots to pre-select job candidates.

- Chatbots deployed on web-based jobs portals ask candidates basic recruitment questions.

- If a position requires a graduate degree or the likes of certain physical qualities, chatbots will screen out respondents who don’t fit predefined selection criteria.

- Some AI-equipped recruitment chatbots can already asses motivation and individual personality types during the pre-selection process.

AI in Recruitment and Employee Headhunting

As well as using chatbots to pre-screen job candidates, artificial intelligence can be used to directly headhunt top talent.

Have you recently received a connection request on Linkedin from a company HR manager? If so, you might feel flattered. However, there is a strong chance you were headhunted by an AI algorithm, not a real human.

Already, the cost-saving benefits of AI in recruitment are self-evident.

- Using AI to headhunt top talent reduces recruitment costs.

- 52% of HR managers state that pre-selecting job candidates for interview is both time-consuming and challenging. Artificial intelligence completely automates this process.

- When AI is used to identify motivation and specific personality types, companies can realize 20% increases in hired employee performance.

Can AI Ever Replace a HR Manager Completely?

To some, it might sound like a thing of sci-fi nightmares. However, AI may one day dominate recruitment and HR as we know it.

As well as smart chatbots, AI-based digitized interview systems already exist. These use predefined algorithms to asses interviewee body language, word choices, and even facial expressions. The good news, though, is that AI still has a little way to go before it can replace company HR managers completely.

AI Has a Big Diversity and Equal Opportunities Problem

The single biggest problem with AI in HR at present rests with the fact that AI simply isn’t human. If a human HR manager shows bias toward employees or job candidates, that person can be disciplined or fired. However, if fully automated AI systems show bias, this could lead to class action lawsuits.

The idea of AI going rogue might sound amusing. However, this has already happened. In 2018, Amazon had to scrap its own AI recruitment tool, after it started showing bias against female job applicants.

The Future of AI in Human Resources

At present, AI is predominantly used to streamline recruitment processes. However, AI systems can be developed which monitor employee performance, and even fully automate payroll and promotions. All that remains to be seen is how the role of AI might eventually redefine the role of human HR employees.

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